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The Kind Nurse

Empowering you to bring balance to your life and gain relief through endocannabinoid system health and wellness. Through the use of herbs, supplements, and lifestyle medicine; you can consciously manage pain, relax deeply, get in touch with your true self and otherwise optimize your life.

HIGH! Ariane here, aka the Kind Nurse™.  It is my life mission to empower people in their health and wellness journey while changing the way cannabis is viewed in today’s world.

Let me show you how to bring balance to your life with integrative health and wellness.


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Re Imagine Your Relationship with Cannabis

High! Ariane, The Kind Nurse, here!

As a holistic-integrative health and wellness nurse educator, cannabis mentor, advocate and guide it is my greatest passion in life to work with others to be empowered in their health choices.


  • Registered Nurses-15 yrs
  • Currently pursuing a Master’s in Science of Integrative and Functional medicine with a concentration in cannabinoid medical science and lifestyle medicine
  • Certifications in NLP
  • Hypnosis
  • Life Coaching
  • Medical Cannabis
  • Conscious Cannabis Coaching
  • Psychedelic Facilitation and integrations

Member of the Cannabis Nurses Network and part of the Speaker’s Bureau presenting on Cannabis and Pain 

Creating relationships with plant medicine that empower and balance lives

What to expect when working with me: 

  • Confidential, non-judgmental, safe space to discuss needs and desires. 
  • Space to learn and ask questions for sustainable change
  • Informative discussions about cannabis and how to optimize use. 
  • Guidance on figuring out products and applications work for you.
  • Discussion on lifestyle and nutrition that supports balancing the endocannabinoid system
  • Understanding different ways to be intentional with cannabis.


My Offerings

Whether it’s a one on one consult you need or a trusted guide for your wellness journey, I’ve got you covered.

**Health & wellness professionals, first responders, educators, and veterans are eligible for 20% off all services. Email Ariane proof of status today to get your discount code!

The Fully Monty

VIP Package – In Person



  • An introduction to Plant Medicine to understand
  • Customized Protocol personalized to you
  • Guided & Supported through the whole experience 
  • Held during the integration process with speaking and in depth seeing 
  • A cathartic release 
  • Clarity on your whole health journey
  • More compassion towards yourself 
  • Drop the fear, anger and ….
  • Peace..
  • Clarity..
  • New understanding of self.  


  • 1:1 Intention setting call before experience  
  • (2) Full Experiences (3-6 hours per day) 
  • (2) 15 Mins Check-Ins After Experience 
  • 60 Days Of  Extended Support Via Signal App (Voice & Text & Safe)
  • Microdosing to support process


Expanded Experience

In-Person                                                  $750


  • All the benefits of the Full Monty WITHOUT the additional experience and support.


  • 1:1 Intention setting call before experience  
  • (1) Full Experiences (3-6 hours per day) 
  • (2) 15 Mins Check-Ins After Experience 
  • 30 Days Of  Extended Support Via Signal App (Voice & Text & Safe)
  • Microdosing to support process


Endocannabinoid Wellness Consultation

Virtual experience                  $250


  • An introduction into plant medicine.
  • Customized guidance tailored to YOU.
  • Clarity on safe supplements and products.
  • Empowerment in health and wellness choices


  • (1) Video/Voice call to discuss customized plan and steps to success.
  • (1) Follow up call after customized plan implemented.
  • Health, wellness, and mindset coaching.
  • Overview on how and why plant medicine works in our bodies. Discuss safe methods of selecting products and supplements.
  • Medication review to safeguard against medication interactions. 
  • Education on combining and using different herbs and supplements to support your health and wellness goals 
  • Brand recommendations
  • 30 day email support.
Pre/Post Psychedelic Experience Support

Virtual experience                     $97


  • Fell supported in getting prepared for a psychedelic/plant medicine experience
  • Take the guess work out of what to do to prepare for your experience with a any variety of plant medicine.
  • Continued guidance and support after your experience is complete.
  • Feel ground before and after your experience.
  • Clarity around intentions for plant medicine experience
  • Greater insight around what to do next.


  • (1) Video/Voice call
  • Diet recommendations
  • Supplement recommendations (pre/post)
  • 1:1 Intention setting before experience or
  • Continued support after experience


Reach Out!

Have a few more questions before booking with Me? Send me a message below.

My Trusted Brands

Trusted brands chosen based on lab testing, cost efficiency, quality and whether or not they are organic.  There are many great brands are out there but here are some of my favorites.  While these are affiliate links (I get a small kickback if you choose to buy) I have used most of these personally and highly recommend them.

The Cannabis Tracking Journal

This is a great tool to for all cannabis consumers! Novice to expert! Tracking what works for you enables you to customize your experience; bringing balance to your life. In this tracking journal you will find resources to support a more conscious cannabis relationship. You will be able to

  • Track what strains work best for you
  • Track healthy habits that support the endocannabinoid tone for overall health and well-being.
  • Capture your experiences so you can pin point your cannabis sweet spot bringing balance to your mind, body, and soul.

*Highly recommended for use with any of the above offerings, or be your own guide!

Only $12.99

Only $12.99

What people are saying

Here is what a few of my clients have had to say about their experiences.

I had tried smoking in different social settings before and sometimes I felt extremely awkward, paranoid, disoriented and very dark. I also saw how many others would become foggy, “stoners”, so I ended up having a negative association with cannabis.

Working with Ariane gave me a whole new perspective. She talked about the intentionality of the journey, about set and setting. She sat with me and held space for my vulnerable experience which ended up being very empowering.

My relationship with cannabis has changed. I don’t smoke often but when I do, it’s a sacred journey into myself which I either do alone or in a company of a trusted one.

- Rina

Thank you for changing my life this past year.
And a change for the WAY better.
I can honestly say that I am feeling more positive than I can remember ever as an adult, with so much to look forward to as I enter what many call the “Golden Years”.
I look forward to seeing you again to keep the Journey going
- Derek

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